Investor relations

We are the only agency on the Polish market that has fully grown out of investor relations activities.
We focus primarily on direct contacts with the participants of the widely understood capital market and media industry.
P&L’s clients, with the support of our specialists, have raised hundreds of millions of zlotys from the market, both inIPOs and SPOs as well as in private issues. Assistance from our side is a kind of guarantee for market participants that relations with them are fair and the Company is trustworthy.

We are also open to the needs of individual stock market players. Their trust is a capital, which can be used to finance further development. We will advise and help operationally build or rebuild, and what is important – also maintain good relations with each group of potential shareholders and even wider – stakeholders.

Relationships that we build translate into the desired image, recognition and trust, and ultimately – into a better valuation and liquidity of shares, the ability to obtain better parameters for debt financing and receivables insurance, as well as greater interest in the Company’s product/service offer.


We create foundations for the new information policy of the Company;

We advise on the method of communication with the capital market (substantive and formal information requirements);

We prepare the Company’s management board for contacts with analysts and investors as well as journalists; we train in effective communication with individual persons;
We assist in the preparation of comprehensive information about the Company (presentations, announcements, brochures) for financial institutions and individual investors;
We advise and assist in the creation and maintenance of the investor relations section on the Company’s website:


appearance (layout) and structural arrangement of individual information,


substantive scope of information,


preparation and development of information for the website.


We organize meetings of the management board with representatives of financial institutions (analysts at brokerage houses, analysts and investment or pension funds portfolio managers, asset managers) and the media:


individual meetings (one-to-one, roadshow),


group meetings (conferences, breakfasts, briefings),


events (also at the company’s facelities).

We maintain an ongoing “dialog” on behalf of the Company with representatives of the broad market (personal conversations, telco/internetconversations, e-mail).

3. Non-Deal Roadshows

We organise roadshows to go public but also non-deal roadshows (NDRs) when our Clients need to hold discussions with current and potential investors without current offer of equity or debt. We will meet you with the right people as we have a close and ongoing relationship with analysts, retail investors and fund managers.

Transactions and advisory

We handle equity transactions, block trades and advisory activities.

1. Handling equity transactions

The P&L team has many years of experience in equity transactions on the public market.
With a combination of proficiency in investor relations and financial investor confidence, it has a unique ability to reach financial investors. This is one of the most important elements of a successful transaction.
Our experience covers both the structuring of the transaction and the management of its execution. Over the past years, we have successfully supported with our knowledge and relationships with the capital market transactions in the following areas:


Capital raising under initial public offerings (IPOs) and secondary public offerings (SPOs) and private placements;


Mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

2. Handling of block trades

Do you own significant blocks of shares? Would you like to sell them without negative echoes on the broad market and without a negative impact on the share price? Thanks to our experience in the area of investor relations, we know which shares are currently sought by individual funds (investment & pension funds, insurance companies, asset managers). We also help large shareholders of listed companies to find a buyer for their shares. We will identify the potential interested parties, we will match the parties of the transaction. We have done it successfully many times.

Benefits of selling stock with our help:


increased confidence of small shareholders observing a responsible, mature sale of shares without any negative impact on the share price;


the possibility of effective, professional explanation through us of the reasons for the disposal of shares- we will advise on this issue, as there is a wide portfolio of reasons and it is worth articulating the right ones;


a one-time message to the market, without constant news of a major shareholder selling more shares, raising the question “What bad thing is going to happen in the company if the major shareholder sells shares?”;


the possibility to sell blocks of shares largerthan the market can absorb at one time, at the same time without negative impact on the price after a large supply is shown;


financial investors purchase shares at a single, fixed price; they do not waste time “picking” shares every session, often raising the share price for themselves;


Quick access to cash from the sale of shares through even D+1 settlement of transactions as opposed to “standard” D+2 settlement.

We do not offer the sold block of shares, but match the parties to the transaction.

3. Advisory activities

Within the scope of our corporate finance services, we advise and support activities aimed at creating and managing the long-term value of the company.

We actively participate in every process to maximize shareholder/Client value. P&L team proposes solutions to the management board or main owners on an ongoing basis which aim to increase the value of the company at every stage of its operations.

We also offer analytical support for presentations and reports as well as direct contacts with institutional and individual investors and the media.

In addition, we provide analytical support to companies in relation to the needs of possible capital market transactions or in relation to optimizing the structure and possibilities of financing projects. We perform valuations of companies, such as potential acquisition targets, as well as sector analyses. We assist our clients in business negotiations.

Corporate communication

The image of a company among its stakeholders is one of its most valuable assets.

Especially in times of rapid market changes and growing competition. The right corporate image not only helps achieve ambitious business goals but also protects the business in the event of a hostile attack or crisis situation. It also includes employer branding and internal communications. What distinguishes us from other investor relations and PR firms is that we try to be an integral part of each of the companies we serve.

Thanks to this our cooperation is always based on partnership. We try to adapt to the Client’s needs in order to act as effectively as possible. Knowledge and many years of experience allow us to select important information and those that are difficult to interest the press or television, but worth doing. We do not take the easy way out.. Relations with the media should be constantly nurtured. They are the link between the company and the wider capital market.


Listing shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange is a very important event in the life of every company.

Listing shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange is a very important event in the life of every company.

It is the foundation for future contacts with investors, the media and business partners. It is worth preparing this step in the best possible way. With the P&L team,the process of going public will pass in a pleasant, partner-like atmosphere. We will share our knowledge and experience to help you avoid unnecessary mistakes and maximize the potential of your company.

We act as an integral part of the company. By tying ourselves to a Client, we act on a long-term basis. We are characterized by ethical actions and knowledge of the needs of companies, which have the right to expect full support on their way to obtain capital from the stock exchange. Experience in public relations along with the support of professional investor relations and knowledge of the needs of the market guarantees the success of the debut.



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